It was a long time since we last visited this area for campaign as because the entire area was in disorderly condition due to construction of four lane highway from Fatehpur Crossing under Ramnagar PS and continued till Henria Bazar under Henria IC. Due to this construction work traffic movement has become very slow, minor accidents are taking place occasionally. At Fatehpur under Ramnagar PS, West Bengal Fire Service is helping in rescuing the accident victims in their vehicles. We observed that from Pichaboni Bazar under Contai PS to Nachinda Bazar under Marisda PS – about 26 KM of the highway has been converted to 4 lanes although not the entire stretch and work is still under progress. The ROB at Pichaboni has been repaired and some expansion work has not been done at Mahishagoat, Ghatua, Digha By-pass, Kharagpur By-pass and Rupashree By-pass. We have replaced our Sun boards and banners wherever required. Most of the petrol pumps have become closer to the highway where the four lane conversion has been completed. Rest 26 km area from Ramnagar to Digha is still having single lane, demolition of road side shops and other establishments is yet to start. We found many Civic Volunteers have been deployed on the highway and came to know from them that mainly they look after the traffic as well as help in rescue operation. We received positive response from the local people we met during the campaigning. We met around 165 people, visited 10 Hotels & Dhabas, 73 local shops and 13 Petrol Pumps