It was a long duration since we last visited this area. Therefore our main aim of this campaign was to meet local people, visit local shops, Hotels, Dhabas and Restaurants whether small or big, visit all petrol pumps to install our Bengali poster, banner, and sunboards as well as to make people aware about our project. We reached Barasat at around 09.30 AM and started our day’s work according to our schedule from Dakbunglow More and moved towards Moina More, a stretch of 4 KM under Barasat PS on NH – 34. We thoroughly campaigned in these areas.We distributed leaflets which contains the basic knowledge of Emergency Medical Service and the roll of common people under any emergency situation.We pasted sunboards, posters with our accident help line numbers randomly at the hotels, small shops and petrol pumps. Every single person we met in this area responded in a positive attitude. Next we entered the jurisdiction of Duttapukur PS (which is stretched for 3 KM along the highway). We started our campaign from ‘Moina More' and ended up at 'Mirhati Bus Stop'. We focusedmainly on disseminating our Bengali poster &bannerin this area. Met maximum number of people & made them aware about our service. Demolishing of existing construction is going on in order to widen the road and convert in to four lane. So the traffic movement is very restricted in this area. Next, we moved ahead and entered Amdanga PS (which is stretched for 18 KM along the highway) and campaigned thoroughly from ‘Mirhati Bazar’ to 'Rajberia More'. We focused mainly on public campaigning at these places. We also distributed our leaflets, pasted posters at many local shops & stores and pasted our sunboards at 4 petrol pumps beside the highway. According to the local people, almost every day some minor accident takes place. Active Civic Police take the victims to hospital in some local vehicles. Victims are rescued mostly by the local people in passing by vehicle or by police asambulance availability around this place is not regular. Further, as per our plan,we entered Mohanpur IC (Haringhata PS) at Anandapur. The jurisdiction of the PS on NH-34 is 10 KM. We concentrated mostly at Bara JaguliChowmatha Crossing,Kalibazar and Kalyani More,Ayeshpur, BirohiCrossing under this PS. There are 3 Petrol pumps on the highway. After Kalyani More Crossing, 4 KM on the highway is almost empty apart from one petrol pump, a few dhabas and some local shops. We found some area for postering and banner placement there. As our final observation, it needs to be mentioned that median road divider construction work is underway from Moyna More (Duttapukur PS) to Rajberia More (Amdanga PS) to make NH- 34 four lane In addition we also noticed a watch tower on the Ranaghat bound at BuriBottola More under Chakdah PS. We have identified new landmarks which we have incorporated in our map. After campaigning at Chakdah Chowmatha Crossing, we called it a day. Overall, we have visited 11 petrol pumps, 12 hotels & dhabas, 65 local shops and met around 140 people on this day of our campaigning.