This visit was decided to display and install our publicity materials which showing Accident Help Line Number for free ambulance services to rescue Road Traffic Accident victims from the National Highways. After a long gap of six months we covered from Budbud Crossing under Budbud PS to ECL Crossing under Andal PS. From Durgapur railway station we hired local vehicle for our campaign and started from Muchipara crossing under Kansa Police station. We were told by the civic volunteers that Muchipara traffic guard has owned an ambulance from the government which is parked at MUchipara crossing and used for shifting of accident victims and any type of emergency cases if the driver is available. To avail the service of this ambulance people should contact O.C. (Traffic guard) Mr. Sudeep Roy (8697985310), and if the driver is available then only this service could be obtained. During our public campaign at Birudiya Crossing, we met local public and petrol pump staffs who complained against illegal parking of heavy vehicles on both side of the road, keeping narrow carriage area for traffic movement and clear visibility which causing regular accident around this place. They are very much satisfied with our service as they experienced prompt ambulance services whenever they required. In addition they said few days back a person died from road traffic accident in this area due to this illegal parking.Minor accidents are taking place very often, complained by local residents. A new watch tower has come up on the Kolkata bound near Kajora Hospital under Andal PS. We observed mostly civic volunteers are controlling traffic at major inter section and popular locality. We visited all the petrol pumps and Dhabas in order to find out existence of our Banners, posters and Sun boards, therefore we replaced sun board wherever required and installed banners and posters throughout the area randomly because in this long gap and after thundershowers most of these materials were dislocated and damaged. We found a new Petrol Pump (Maa Siddheswari Service Station, IOPP) which has been constructed near Andal Gram on the Asansol bound. We wanted to meet the Manager of the petrol pump but he was not availableright then.We briefed our project to the petrol pump staffs and they assured to call us if required. During this campaign we went to Durgapur Institute of Advance Technology at Rajbandh Crossing andcommunicated with General Manager, Mr. Lalan Kumar Sha.We briefed him our Project and proposed to organize a CPR and First Aid training program for the students and staffs of the institute. Mr. Sha was interested with this proposal and suggested us to get in touch in January, 2020, as till December they will be busy in examinations. We met few of our ambulance providers who parks there ambulances beside the highway. Overall, we have visited 25 petrol pumps, 33 hotels& dhabas, 72 local shops and met around 185 people on this day of our campaigning.