After a reasonable gap, we went for campaigning in this area afresh. We started our campaigning from Nabaghat Crossing under Burdawan PS. NHAI keeps their ambulance here but now the service is under suspension as there is some problem with the vehicle. However, NHAI authority assured that their service will resume shortly and confirmed that their crane service is available. Here, we met Mr. Samrat (9332100209) who parks his ambulance near Nabaghat Crossing. Although we approached him to associate with our project, he refused and informed that he will only respond to police calls for rescue of accident victims. We met one of our ambulance providers of the area at Nabaghat Crossing, Lalu Mallick who parks his ambulance at BMCH. He was returning to BMCH after releasing a patient at home. He assured his best services. Other ambulance providers were busy with their respective responsibilities and so were unable to meet us. From Nabaghat Crossing, we continued our campaigning thoroughly till Kulgoria Crossing under Galsi PS. From there, we skipped upto DVC Crossing (about 12 KM) as Galsi PS have their own ambulance and provide prompt service in this region. Then we continued our campaign from Majherpur Crossing to Simnory Crossing under Galsi PS (about 5 KM of highway). From Simnory Crossing, we took a U – turn and campaigned on the opposite bound of the highway and continued till Abujati Kayastapara under Jamalpur PS. From Abujati Kayastapara we again took a U – turn and after campaigning on the Asansol bound till Nabaghat crossing, we called it a day. We met our ambulance provider Sk. Raju at Anamoy Super Speciality Hospital. During our campaigning, we observed that Civic Volunteers have been deployed throughout the highway in a large number and they look after the smooth traffic flow on the highway. These Civic Volunteers are the first responders in any accident case on the highway. The people we met under Galsi PS informed us that accidents take place in regular interval whether minor or fatal under the PS but police is very active and rescue accident victims in their ambulance with the help of Civic Volunteers. General people are a bit reluctant to call us as they do not want to get embroiled in police investigation. Accidents are taking places in the areas like Metal DVC Crossing, Rathtola, Tejganj and Ullas More under Burdawan PS regularly. People and police force are annoyed as they are not getting proper ambulance service from NHAI for the last few days in the area close to Nabaghat where NHAI ambulance is parked. Some of them thanked us for the prompt ambulance service they received from us. But in Palsit, people are happy with NHAI ambulance service. We noticed a new Watch Tower at Fagupur on the Kolkata bound. At Burdawan, near Chandul, we found another ambulance of Annapurna Nursing Home which is situated just beside the highway but the ambulance is for the use of the patients of the Nursing Home only. They will not move on public call. In this visit we met around 210 people, visited 20 petrol pumps, 24 hotels and dhabas and 48 roadside shops.