We changed our mode of public campaigning from this visit. Earlier we used to visit local shops, hotels, dhabas and petrol pumps to aware them about our ambulance service to rescue accident victims and to display banners, posters, and sun boards in order to disseminate our toll free and other accident help line number. However, from this visit we have started to aware general people through our public addressing system how they can react as a by-stander if they notice any road traffic accident and what will be their responsibility. Our point of discussion with the general public were on ‘Emergency Medical Service’ and ‘How to Rescue’ an accident victim highlighting Basic Life Support concept. For this mode of campaigning, we are displaying five new standees where we have shown with diagrams and wrote in details how and in what way the general public can be helpful for an accident victim. We campaigned at nine (9) major crossings under the above mentioned police stations where we parked our Mobile Van and erected the four standees to create a public attraction atmosphere before one of our members started explaining over the public address system. We spoke on the statistics of death for road traffic accident in India, types of accidents and injuries, attributed to death in road traffic accidents, golden hour, Supreme Court judgment, scene survey, how to lift & move an accident victim from the spot, how to open blocked airway, control bleeding, steps for CPR (chest compression, position of the rescuers, guide line of chest compression), recovery position and our ACCIDENT HELPLINE Numbers.